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Barcode SDK for .NET and WPF v6.1 release by VintaSoft Ltd!

02.20.2012 · Posted in Software Articles

.NET and WPF barcode reader and generator SDK from VintaSoft. What's new: Support for MSI, ISBN, ISSN, ISMN and UnknownLinear barcode. Addition +2/+5 supported in writer. QR, DataMatrix, Aztec and all linear barcodes recognition speed increased etc. ...

VintaSoft Twain .NET SDK v8 released: WPF supported!

07.12.2011 · Posted in Software Articles

VintaSoftTwain.NET SDK - control TWAIN scanner or camera from your .NET or WPF program. What's new in v8.0: .NET WPF TWAIN SDK created. Improved algorithm of Memory transfer mode. Optimized image acquisition, despeckle and border removal algorithms. ...

How net marketing dictates its limits?

07.01.2011 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Like something new, we tend to tend to let ourselves be seduced by the innovation, convenience and excitement, as a result of we have a tendency to experience one thing that was not previously available. Internet marketing is no exception to the current rule. Despite the plain blessings offered by this new medium for commerce ...

Using HTML Server Controls And Web Server Controls In Microsoft ASP.NET

09.13.2009 · Posted in Computer Articles

There are two types of server control in ASP.NET: HTML server controls and Web server controls. HTML server controls are simply regular web elements into which the runat="server" attribute has been added and which have been assigned an ID. The runat="server" attribute tells the ASP.NET engine that the control can respond to events and enables ...

Why You Should Be Using Master Pages in ASP.NET

09.13.2009 · Posted in Internet Articles

ASP.NET master pages are a powerful feature which allows developers to create template-like pages which contain information that is common to all pages in a site or all pages in one section of a site such as corporate logo, company information, headers, footers and navigation links. Content pages can then be created which are based ...

Why Anonymous Web Surfing Is Something You Should Want To Try

06.24.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Beware! Web surfing will no longer ensure your safety. Your system being free from any viruses is not anymore a guarantee that the information about your computer's IP address, location, browsing history and all other details will leak out. If your computer is supportive of certain programs such as finger or identity, it is very ...

The Internet: the alterations it has introduced in our life

06.16.2009 · Posted in Marketing - Internet - Article

The significance of the net in today's living can hardly be overestimated. Today since the data is very easily transferred from one part of the globe to another, we have a chance to get to know recent actualities nearly instantly on associated mass media pages with the help of tag cloud or from one another. ... – Defeating Nexon One Byte At A Time

03.26.2009 · Posted in Computer Articles offers you one of the finest hacks for Maplestory, Combat Arms and other nexon games. We also give you the opportunity to trade accounts, virtual items, and much more! ...