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Sloth very clear on importance of chewing food slowly

“Tell tha chef it's excellent.”

Definitely thought this was just a looped clip, but hold on. Nope.

This slow eating sloth is very serious about eating slowly.

Tell tha chef it's excellent


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White bats chilling out peacefully in their leaf tent

Honduran white bats in their tent made out of leaves.

Photographed by globetrotting rainforest photographer Supreet Sahoo, whose Instagram is amazing.

Honduran white bats in their tent made out of leaves. IG: supreet_sahoo

A few more selections of his work, below.

One overlooked way we can significantly improve our mental health: more nature

02.25.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Our mental health often feels like a mystery. A cheerful mood can inexplicably give way to sad or scary thoughts. Even though we might try to manage our emotional well-being through things like talk therapy, self-care apps, meditation, and medication... ...

PHOTO: ‘Ghost Apples’ of ice form in West Michigan after freezing rain

Aren't they beautiful? Here's how 'ghost apples' formed on this apple tree in West Michigan.

Ice forms on rotting apples, and as the apples decay, they slide down and out of the ice that is left behind hanging off the apple tree branches.

Photo shared courtesy of WOOD TV 8 of Michigan, via their Facebook ...

Oil and gas giants Chevron and Occidental are backing tech to combat carbon emissions

Carbon Engineering, a Canadian company developing technology to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and process it for use in enhanced oil recovery or in the creation of new synthetic fuels, has locked in financing from two big industry backers — Chevron and Occidental Petroleum — to bring its products to market. The undisclosed amount ...