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Rare “positive” lightning bolt caught on video

From the Palm Beach Post: "an unusual bolt of lightning up to 10 times stronger than a typical flash that was caught on video by Boynton Beach resident Erica Hite on Sunday. The so-called continuous current, or positive lighting, which was identified by the National Weather Service in Miami after seeing the video, hit ...

New study shows human development is destroying the planet at an unprecedented rate

“We are eroding the very foundations of our economies, livelihoods, food security, health and quality of life worldwide.” That’s the word from Sir Robert Watson, the chair of a massive multinational research effort to survey the impact of human development on the natural world. In the most comprehensive effort undertaken to date, some 145 expert ...

Curious manatee gets very friendly with human in canoe

“Big friendly potato boy thoroughly examining my canoe.”

Another gem from the wonderful IMGURian SeeThroughCanoe, who sells these personal watercraft.

“This overly friendly manatee spent a really long time thoroughly checking out the canoe and the camera attached to the bottom of it,” he says.

Big friendly potato boy thoroughly examining my ...

Watch: Kayaking a river in Norway on a gorgeous Spring day

“Feels like summer in Norway,” says Tomasz Furmanek, who shot and shared this serene and beautiful video of kayaking down a lazy river on a beautiful April day.

If you need a serenity break at the computer today, and you probably do, this might just do you right.

Shot with a GoPro, and isn't it gorgeous.

Can't ...

Spending 20-minutes in nature could make you less stressed out

04.05.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Most people welcome spending time in nature and green space. After all, taking a few moments in the outdoors offers a much-needed break from the chaos of everyday life. And it can also lend positive physiological benefits, including lower stress leve... ...

This is one of the world’s tallest trees; and this is the arborist who climbed it

Scientists have identified what is likely one of the world's tallest trees, a 330.7-foot (100.8 meter) yellow meranti tree in the rainforest on the island of Borneo. They spotted the tree growing in the Malaysian state of Sabah during an aerial laser scan of the forest. The rainforest is protected yet Yellow meranti trees are ...

Discovery Channel and BBC Studios announce the streaming service of your nature doc dreams

04.01.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Throw on your comfy fleece, grab a handful of trail mix, and get ready to hit play — the streaming service of your nature doc dreams is on the way. In a joint statement released Monday, Discovery and BBC Studios announced a "significant multi-m... ...