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Learn To Play Guitar Chords: Learn To Play Turnarounds On Your Guitar

04.06.2006 · Posted in Music Articles

Turnarounds are chord progressions with the last chord taking you back to the first chord thus making it possible to play these progressions over and over again as an intro to a song, an ending or between verses. Here are some nice sounding but easy turnarounds for you! ...

The Massive Karaoke Fad

04.03.2006 · Posted in Music Articles

The word karaoke is from a Japanese word which means empty orchestra. The ideas of this begin in Kansai, Japan, in 1984, it is easily became well known world wide. ...

Learn To Play Guitar – Learn To Play Your Guitar Music In Time

03.28.2006 · Posted in Music Articles

To be on the right place at the right time is quite nice. It is called timing. In your guitar playing you will find that timing is crucial. This means to play your notes at the right time so that the result will be music. ...

Learn To Play Guitar: Learn To Play Easy Nice Sounding Guitar Chords

03.28.2006 · Posted in Music Articles

To learn to play guitar is difficult and easy at the same time. The guitar is a fascinating instrument. It is very difficult to master in some areas but you will also find wells of easy to play but nice sounding treasures among the strings. ...