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Whole album just the sound of classic mechanical keyboards being typed on

Taeha Types' Mechanical Keyboard Sounds: Recordings Of Bespoke And Customised Mechanical Keyboards is the album of the year. Roaring into life with the kinetic Apple M011A and the hard-rocking Chicory KB5160AT, it gives way to the delicate ballad Fjell before leaping into the perennial classic HHKB Pro. Granted, some tracks on the flipside might ...

DJ Riko is back with the 18th annual Merry Mixmas mashup album!

We love DJ Rijo's annual Merry Mixmas albums, and for the 18th consecutive year, the legendary mashup DJ has released an album-length mashup of Christmas rarities (MP3), just in time for your holiday parties!

Dram – Litmas JD McPherson – Every Single Christmas Margo Guyen – I Don’t Intend to Spend Christmas Without You Josh Rouse ...

Trains perform Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major”

Vigilant trainspotters will notice Thomas the Tank Engine sitting in with these real world trains. Delightful editing by Pavel Jirásek using source material from the video below (and elsewhere):

(via The Kid Should See This and Kottke) Read the rest


Taylor Swift’s ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ video is a trip through her childhood home movies

12.06.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Taylor Swift's video for "Christmas Tree Farm" (new fave Christmas banger, tysm) takes us on a truly delightful trip down memory lane.  For the video, she delved deep into the archive of her family's home videos to give us a video that ... ...

‘Jagged Little Pill’ on Broadway has a lot on its mind. Maybe too much.

12.06.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Meet the Healys, Broadway's newest dysfunctional family.  Behind the Healys' Christmas card-perfect Connecticut exterior lurks some serious darkness — a mashup of just about every hot button issue and buzzword you can think of in 2019. Fir... ...

Dads are ruining (improving) people’s Spotify Wrapped data with their dad music

12.05.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Spotify Premium isn't free, so it makes sense that family members share accounts. When it's Spotify Wrapped season, though, giving Dad free rein on your account can wreak havoc on your Top Songs list. As people post screenshots of their Wrapped data ... ...