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Aurora’s self-driving system needed more motorcycle experience. So a biker club helped out.

The San Francisco chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club doesn't usually concern itself much with self-driving cars, but autonomous vehicle company Aurora recently spent the day driving around with the club's bikers. Aurora, the company co-founded... ...

Talking to Zero Motorcycles’ CEO and taking home the 2020 SR/F

The motorcycle industry is shifting to electric. Harley-Davidson signaled the trend this year, becoming the first big gas manufacturer to release a street-legal e-motorcycle in the U.S., the LiveWire. But before Harley’s EV pivot, California-based startup Zero Motorcycles had been selling e-motos for years. “We’re an electric motorcycle and power-train manufacturer founded in 2006 in ...

Harley pulls plug on LiveWire production shortly after EV debut

Harley Davidson has halted production and delivery of its first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, after discovering what the Milwaukee-based manufacturer described as a non-standard condition. Harley Davidson told TechCrunch it is not recalling LiveWire motorcycles already on the road. Reuters was the first to report that Harley Davidson had stopped production and deliveries. “We recently discovered ...

Seems like a lot of money for a motorcycle with an unattractive fairing

The 1977 BMW R100RS was produced 1 year after the BMW R90S. The fairings were designed by the same guy, the legendary Hans Muth.

I think the S fairing is the greatest thing ever. I hate the RS fairing, but my personal BMW guru and advisor, Dan, assures me it quite beautiful.

$18,500 beautiful? I ...

Carburetor cleaning is easier with (some of) the right tools

You will find cleaning a motorcycle's carbs a lot easier if you have brushes and wires that'll fit through the jets. This set works for me!

My motorcycle famously has a finicky pair of Dell'orto pumper carbs. They make the bike go really, really fast... when they work right. Today's formulations of California gas really ...

The Hells Angels have left the building

Since 1968, 77 East Third Street in Manhattan's East Village housed the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club's New York City clubhouse (and apartments for some of its members). But the building was recently sold and the Angels have purchased new digs, a former church on Long Island. The New Yorker's Sarah Larson stopped by on moving ...

Zero Motorcycles leads in electric motorcycles as BRP scoops up Alta’s remains

As the mobility world awaits Harley Davidson’s EV debut, there’s plenty of motion in the e-moto startup space. Zero Motorcycles unveiled its new 110 horsepower SR/F model in New York this week, offering a 200 mile range, one hour charge capability, and top speed of 124 mph. The California based startup—whose investors include New York ...

How not to wear a motorcycle helmet (funny video clip)

This man's reaction when a stranger points out he's wearing his motorcycle helmet BACKWARDS is endearing.

His embarrassed grin is pure gold.

The part when they both turn their heads in unison! So meme-worthy.

Seems to have been taped on this IMGURian's Android phone somewhere in Dubai.

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