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About The Great Mosque of Kairouan, Tunisia- Zoefact

03.17.2021 · Posted in Travel Articles

It is a mosque located in Kairouan, Tunisia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is one of North Africa’s most impressive and largest Islamic monuments. The original mosque was totally demolished, and in the 9th century, much of what stands today was constructed by the Aghlabids. Founded in the year 50 AH (670AD/CE) by the ...

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01.04.2009 · Posted in Society Articles

The word jihad is derived from jahd or juhd means to strive, exert oneself or take extraordinary pains. Jihad is a verbal noun of the third Arabic form of the root jahada, which is defined classically as exerting one's utmost power, efforts, endeavours or ability in contending with an object of disapprobation. The word jihad ...


01.03.2009 · Posted in Society Articles

According to the Koran, the angel who brought revelation to the Prophet is known by the name of Jibrail (2:98). The Arabic form of jibril, which is composed of jibr, meaning abd or servant, and il, meaning ***. The word jibrail occurs three times in the Koran (2:97-98, 66:4). Jibrail is also mentioned as Ruh ...