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Medical Website Design Does Not Have To Be Boring

03.27.2012 · Posted in Manufacturing Articles

Medical web design historically seems to have been led by concerns about compliance and as a result imagination and creativity seem to get left behind. However, as more companies in the medical and healthcare sectors are investing more of their budgets in digital, designers and developers who understand compliance issues can now offer the creativity ...

Why Medical Website Development Needs A Different Approach

12.09.2011 · Posted in Manufacturing Articles

Medical website design requires a different approach to that of many sectors. Regulatory bodies in the UK have hard and fast rules about what messages companies can communicate to consumers around products and to healthcare professionals and failure to abide by the rules will incur hefty fines. ...

Why Is Mobile So Important To Medical Website Design

10.16.2011 · Posted in Marketing - Internet - Article

Medical website design is a more specialised area that requires a careful understanding of the current regulations surround what can and cannot be said online. The way in which medics use the mobile web and Apps to access information is evolving at an incredible rate and must be planned as part of a design strategy. ...

Cost-Cutting Marketing Techniques For Physicians

06.06.2009 · Posted in Marketing - Internet - Article

In today's turbulent economy and in the wake of numerous re-imbursement cuts, more and more physicians are replacing conventional forms of marketing with more cost-effective forms of marketing such as internet marketing. It's no secret that patients are using the internet more and more to make important decisions such as selecting a ...