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Weird and wild warped-grid jigsaw puzzles inspired by Mobius, Haeckel, and Picasso

Mathematician, artist, and engineer George W. Hart of "Möbius ***** bagel" fame has recently been playing with a laser cutter to create head-spinning warped-grid jigsaw puzzles. He came up with an algorithm to generate the initial patterns but "the real fun is step 2," he says, "using a geometric transformation to warp things."


“Pick a number and I’ll guess it”: the math behind the magic

On Vsauce2, Kevin Lieber explains the mathematical magic that enables mentalists to confound audiences by correctly guessing the number they've picked. Even though I know how it's done, it still confounds me.

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Augmented reality math is amazing and delightful

This is the first use of AR/VR I have enjoyed.

Math with augmented reality

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Donald Knuth’s Christmas pi surprise

Jon Cog writes, "For Christmas, mathematician Donald Knuth shared some great geeky fun. He revealed how for the last 57 years, he's been incorporating the digits of pi into the exercises of his computer programming books -- a whopping 1,700 times. And before long his annual 'Christmas Tree' lecture 'had turned into a ...

Visualizing what happens when you shuffle a deck of cards

Nathan Davis writes, "When you shuffle a deck, it rearranges the order of the cards and I got wondering what that looked like. I took a deck of physical cards, wrote 1 through 52 on each one, shuffled them, then wrote down that sequence. I wrote up a visualization program to show how ...

Video: the mathematics of where to park your car

Are you the driver in the lot who parks in the first spot you see? Or do you circle around and around looking for a spot by the door? Physicists Paul Krapivsky of Boston University and Sidney Redner of the Santa Fe Institute explored the mathematics of parking. The research required different equations and simulations ...

This dance routine combines machine learning with choreography — Future Blink

09.23.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Using math, technology, and real-time choreography, Alan Turing and company created a dance routine that showcases the line blending of the real and imaginary worlds. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Artificial Intelligence, Dance, and Ma... ...

Make: a solar hot-dog oven (then learn the science)

Making a solar hot-dog oven is a science fair standby, but JohnW539's CNC-milled Sundogger Instructable really digs into the classroom portion, drawing on the creator's experience as a physics/astronomy/computer science prof at Middle Tennessee State University.

Detailed scientific measurements have show that a typical hot dog has a diameter of about 1 inch of about ...