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‘Avengers: Endgame’ trailer reveals current-day Captain Marvel

03.14.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Trailers Articles

A full Avengers: Endgame trailer has arrived an oh boy is it dramatic. We've got new white Avengers suits! Captain Marvel showing up up in the present! Rocket Raccoon hanging out with War Machine! Ant-Man doing his ant thing, and Hawkeye has a wi... ...

Bootleg Comics, Cartoonist Kayfabe: Show and Tell 07

Controversial subject matter in this week's episode. Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg showcase a small sample of their favorite unauthorized comics.

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Supplemental Links of comics from the video:

Comics Journal review of Ron Rege Diana (Wonder Woman)

Ron Rege Store ...

Captain Marvel rakes in $455 million in worldwide weekend haul

Captain Marvel, the latest superhero film from Disney’s Marvel franchise, is bringing home the bacon — to the tune of a $455 million box office total for the weekend. The movie, Marvel’s first to be headlined exclusively by a female superhero, is off to the second largest global opening of any superhero movie behind Avengers: ...

The internet can’t stop editing live cats into the ‘Captain Marvel’ poster

03.09.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

If you need a reminder of how amazing the internet is, look no further than the trending hashtag for Captain Marvel's cuddly cat — sorry, I mean Flerken — named Goose. Following the release of Disney's latest superhero blockbuster in Sout... ...

‘Captain Marvel’ never quite takes flight

“Captain Marvel” isn’t a bad movie, exactly. It seems, at this point, that Marvel’s moviemaking machinery is incapable of producing a genuinely terrible film. There’s no “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” or “Suicide Squad” in the Marvel filmography, just “Thor: The Dark World,” “Ant-Man” and “Doctor Strange” — movies that are fine but forgettable. Still, I ...

‘Captain Marvel’ throws back to the ’90s with optical illusion posters designed to make you hate yourself

03.01.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

The Captain Marvel marketing team is back on the nostalgia hype train with the release of five "Magic Eye" posters.  These 3D optical illusions were first made popular through the Magic Eye book series known to pretty much any '90s kid with a li... ...