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‘CANCEL THE RENT’ projected on NYC skyscraper by The Illuminator


NYC-based political projection collective 'The Illuminator' staged a large-scale public projection in Manhattan on Saturday night to make several demands on local, state, and federal governments during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Here are images of the socially distant protest in light, which was projected from an apartment.

Watch this impressive c.1929 footage of construction workers atop NYC’s Chrysler Building

No, they aren't wearing any harnesses. But some of them are sporting rather dashing chapeaus. From Speed Graphic Film and Video:

New York's Chrysler Building, one of the city's most iconic skyscrapers, was built in a remarkably short time--foundation work began in November 1928, and the building officially opened in May 1930. Even more ...

When the lights went out in NYC, Broadway performed impromptu sidewalk shows

On Saturday night, a blackout darkened Manhattan's West Side for several hours. But that didn't stop cast members from several Broadway shows, and Carnegie Hall, from performing. Not in their scheduled stage performances but impromptu ones outside on the sidewalks.

The New York Times:

The electricity failed about an hour before curtain for most shows, ...

Kindbody raises $15M, will open a ‘Fertility Bus’ with mobile testing & assessments

RRE Ventures has backed the New York-based fertility startup. ...

There’s a giant geodesic dome floored with fake grass in NYC

Josh, one of my inbox zine's readers, made this. He wrote, "For a very long time I’ve wanted to build a giant geodesic dome filled with fake grass in lower Manhattan. This August it happened." His piece is called dusk-space and it's an immersive synth... ...

New York On A Holiday

09.15.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Even seasoned travelers are awed by the dazzle of New York. You may have seen every iconic structure and street in Hollywood blockbusters, yet the real thing is even more impressive and never ceases to amaze. ...

Finding Chiropractic in 10012 Area Code

04.17.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Musculoskeletal conditions are often treated with medication; but these can actually be treated using a realistic, holistic and natural approach. This is none other than chiropractics which is based on biomechanics and keeping the spine aligned. By doing this it provides relief and comfort for patients. ...