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Watch Madonna, at age 16, star in a high-schooler’s experimental film

In 1974, Wyn Cooper, one of my Madonna's fellow students at Adams High School near Detroit, invited the 16-year-old pre-material girl to star in his experimental film. The Super 8 short is titled "The Egg."

"We developed a friendship and hung out," Cooper, now a poet in Vermont, has said. "I had a Mercury Capri ...

Madonna’s self-indulgent tribute to Aretha Franklin gets criticised by fans

08.21.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

The death of Aretha Franklin still continues to inspire tributes from across the world, and the MTV VMAs are no different. At the ceremony on Monday, Madonna gave a tribute to the Queen of Soul. But fans have complained the speech was more about hers... ...

The 80s Styles and Fancy Dresses – The way to Get the 80s Madonna Look!

04.10.2010 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

Ahhh the 80s Madonna look! Who does not want to give this a go? Who doesn't need to look like a trollop? Truly it would not shock me if this model comes back even.rnrnSuppose ***** and ***** tops...... ...

A “Celebration” For Madonna Fans

08.20.2009 · Posted in News and Media

A Celebration it will be when this incredible new Madonna CD hits the store shelves on September 29th. Celebration is exactly that for Madonna, as it is her last release on the Warner Bros label and the singer is heading out the door with a bang with this incredible collaboration of the old and ...

Madonna Like A Prayer Contoversy

08.12.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Madonna's Like a Prayer, condemned by Christian organizations as blasphemous upon its release in 1989, has topped a poll of videos which "broke the rules". "Like a Prayer" was her most explicit artistic statement in 1984. She incorporated dance, pop rock soul and funk elements all in the album. ...

Fat Al Gore Loses More Ground

04.15.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

One of Fat Al's biggest supporters sued her Manhattan cooperative because they aren't digging her plan to expand her modest 6000 square foot apartment to 12,000 square feet by buying the unit next door. Now the Material Girl's modenn NY pad is about three times the size of my modest pad and contains a gym ...