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Meet the magic, expandable suitcase that transforms right before your eyes

09.26.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles

TL;DR: The super convenient Rollux two-in-one expandable suitcase is on sale for $295, saving you  $54 during this sale in the Mashable Shop. Traveling is no fun unless you can bring a part of the journey back with you. That could mean trinkets... ...

Peak Design’s Travel Duffel 35L is as simple or as powerful as you need it to be

A good, solid duffel bag is a mainstay for many travelers – especially those who like packing up a car for a weekend away, or frequent flyers who disdain the thought of checking a bag. Peak Design introduced its own take on the duffel bag this year, with a couple different twists on the concept. ...

Traveling light is totally possible with these genius products that are on sale

08.06.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles

Let’s be clear: traveling with just carry-on luggage, even for long-haul international trips, is completely possible. Sure, it might feel restrictive, and sacrifices will be made (sorry third pair of shoes), but with the right packing products ... ...