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Security researcher cracks high-security lock used for ATMs, Air Force One, military bases

At this year's Defcon Lock Picking Village, Ioactive's Mike Davis will present a method for cracking high-security locks made by Dormakaba Holding, a Swiss company. The locks are used in very high-stake applications, from security ATMs to Air Force One, as well as guarding classified and sensitive materials on US military bases.

Davis discovered a side-channel ...

How to remove a common Amazon-bought car boot

The Lockpicking Lawyer saw a report about an illegal car-booting outfit in Chicago (embedded below), and decided to see how hard it is to remove the Amazon-bought car boots that scammers use.

It is easily defeated in a few seconds... so long as you have a screwdriver and a lock impressioning tool.

Looks like ...

Lockpicking Lawyer wins $100 proving a fancy padlock can be opened in less than three minutes

Enjoy one minute and eleven seconds of fun from the Lockpicking Lawyer, who makes short work of a Smartkey Kwikset Padlock [Amazon], which you absolutely shouldn't buy as a gift for someone whose property you have plans for. Read the rest


Challenge yourself by building this DIY wooden combination lock

Is a wooden lock as tough as one made out of metal? Nope. Is buying a lock easier than building one? Absolutely. Is a lock you made with your own two hands significantly more badass than anything you can purchase, ready-to-use? Without a shadow of a doubt.

If you're looking for an unusual woodworking project to ...

Increasing Security in Your Home

11.23.2009 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

Increasing security in your home is important for many reasons, protecting both your belongings and your family (not to mention yourself) from intruders and even helping to lower your home and contents insurance (and preventing you from having to make claims on it). As such there are a large variety of different security systems you ...

Getting Through a Locked Door

11.23.2009 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

While getting through locked doors is generally considered the vocation of thieves it can also be a handy skill in a lot of other scenarios, the most common being when a key for a door around the house or office has become locked. Sometimes it can also be a very handy skill in an emergency. ...