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Welcome to ‘Deep Bookstagram,’ where dark, book-based comedy thrives

06.10.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Instagram has always been a safe haven for book lovers, a place where people can show off their private libraries full of white oak bookshelves, novels organized by color, aloe plants, and inspirational coffee mugs.  But there's a deeper, strang... ...

A roundup of 2018 roundups

From the Library Journal's Infodocket: "A Curated Collection of Recently Published or Updated Data-Rich Reports Available on the Web", from climate cost breakdowns to Nielsen's top nonalcoholic beverages (sparkling water is very much on-trend) and much, much more. (Thanks, Gary!) (Image: Meg Stewart, CC-BY) Read the rest


Barack Obama releases his year-end list of his favorite songs, movies, and books

12.28.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

Remember when Presidents used to read books, listen to music, and share innocuous lists? President Obama, for example, recently shared his end-of-year list, featuring the books, movies, and music that touched him the most. His taste is impeccable and... ...

Which Are The Cheapest EVs To Own?

11.15.2018 · Posted in Cars Articles, Other Vehicles Articles

You have to consider all of an EV’s long-term ownership costs to determine which is the best deal. There’s a distinct difference between what it costs to purchase a given vehicle and what you’ll actually pay to own it over time. Electric vehicles are no exception. To determine which would be the best long-term deal, ...

Denver and Orlando the nicest big U.S. airports, New York’s the worst

The Wall Street Journal ranked America's 20 largest airports. The rankings contain few surprises.

The top three airports—Denver, Orlando and Phoenix—have one major factor in common: strong competition among airlines. Denver is one of the few airports with three major airlines connecting customers: United, Southwest and Frontier. In Phoenix, American and Southwest compete with connecting ...

These 5 Electric Cars Have The Worst Reliability, Says Consumer Reports

11.15.2018 · Posted in Cars Articles, Other Vehicles Articles

Yes, Tesla is on that list, but so too is Chevy, Ford and Honda. For electric cars, the way we gauge reliability has always been a bit skewed. After all, most of the models available on the market today, didn’t really exist until a few years back. Pair that with the well-known candor towards newcomers on the ...