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4 Ways To Buy Lego LED Lighting Kit Toys In Bulk

05.02.2023 · Posted in Toys Articles

Introduction The Lego Group, a personally owned corporation established in Billund, Denmark, produces a range of polymer building toys known as Lego. Lego was indeed the worlds biggest toy manufacturer as of 2021. Lego, the industrys signature product, is made up of colourful interconnecting plastic bricks that come with various gears, plush dolls, and other ...

Beginner’s Guide For LEGO Players!

11.23.2022 · Posted in Toys Articles

Introduction The LEGO games such as LEGO Batman or Star Wars are merely some mediocre adventurous games that are very entertaining for small children. They provide an endless stock of materials related to pop culture. Whether it is a LEGO game of Star Wars or a movie, each game provides a platform where you can ...

Top 5 Lego Lighting Construction Toy With Light

03.02.2021 · Posted in Toys Articles

For years together, LEGO lighting construction toy with light has fascinated people with the different designs that can be made from just interlocking plastic building blocks. With continuous improvements and the different utilities, Lego carries there and Lego toys with a light.  Lego has been used in different domains, including for teaching the basics of ...

RIP: Jens Nygaard Knudsen, father of the LEGO minifigure

Jens Nygaard Knudsen, the creator of the LEGO mini-fig has passed away at age 78.

Washington Post:

Over the decades, the company honed modern techniques of manufacturing plastic toys, patenting its signature stud-and-tube locking system for its toy building bricks in 1958. But until Mr. Knudsen’s innovations in the 1970s, Lego lacked a human or even ...

Building and testing a drone made almost entirely from LEGO parts

On the highly-recommended Brick Experiment Channel, "BEC" (the unidentified, silent LEGO engineer you never see or hear) tries his hand at building a quad drone using LEGO bricks and other LEGO components. The only non-LEGO parts he uses are the battery, the receiver, the flight controller, and a motor driver circuit.

For the flight controller, ...

New Lego International Space Station model kit

Lego fan Christophe Ruge's design for an International Space Station model was selected for production in celebration of the Lego IDEAS site's tenth anniversary. The 864-piece set also includes a NASA space shuttle, three cargo spacecraft, and two astronaut minifigures. It's $69.99 and will be available next month. From the press release:

The realistic set ...