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Watch this gentleman get caught trying to fake a Skype job interview

This job candidate has watched too many (or perhaps too few) English-dubbed martial arts films from the 1970s.

"You need to be more formal and at least practice before you take the interview." Read the rest


Learn How To Write A Great Resume If You Want A Great Job.

10.23.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The job seeker world is tough right now, in fact it's always tough if you want a great job. So it's important to know exactly how to write a great resume. That's where landing a great job starts. ...

Don’t Fill Out Job Applications

01.21.2009 · Posted in Management Articles

If you are filling out job applications and not getting the job you want then your problem is likely resulting from filling out job applications in the first place. Unless you are simply looking for part time work during the holidays or to become debt-free, there is little reason to ever fill out a ...