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Nasty Safari bugs let hackers take over your Mac and iPhone’s mic and camera

04.06.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

You know how some people have a sticker over their MacBook's webcam? Well, those people might be onto something.  Wired reports that Apple recently patched a nasty Safari bug, which allowed hackers to take over the victim's webcam and microphone... ...

Apple accidentally confirms the existence of an unreleased product, AirTags

Whoops! Apple inadvertently revealed the existence of an unreleased product, AirTags, in a support video uploaded to its YouTube account today. The video, “How to erase your iPhone,” offers a tutorial about resetting an iPhone to factory settings. Around the 1:43 mark, it instructs users to turn off “Find my iPhone” as part of the ...

iPhone reports of increased screen time during coronavirus are pretty rude TBH

03.22.2020 · Posted in Health Articles, Technology Articles

If you've been turning to your smartphone for connection to the outside world more than usual lately, you're not alone. iPhone users are accustomed to getting a "Weekly Screen Time Report" on Sundays. These provide stats about how much time people ha... ...