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Chanel Miller interviewed on The Daily Show

Chanel Miller wrote a book called Know My Name, about her life before and after being sexually assaulted by Brock Turner, the *** criminal who was portrayed by the trial judge as a victim. She was interviewed on The Daily Show to promote her book.

Image: The Daily Show Read the rest


Watch this gentleman get caught trying to fake a Skype job interview

This job candidate has watched too many (or perhaps too few) English-dubbed martial arts films from the 1970s.

"You need to be more formal and at least practice before you take the interview." Read the rest


Tokyo Listening – an interview with author Lorraine Plourde

Tokyo is a sound-saturated city: bustling traffic, train station announcements, people everywhere, the barrage of loud adverts, ***** salarymen singing in the Ginza streets at night, and even the loud caws of the Tokyo’s infamous large crows. Then there’s the seemingly ubiquitous background music in shopping centers, department stores, offices, and super markets.

Tokyo Listening ...

‘Star Wars’ star Daisy Ridley casually busts out Lil’ Kim’s ‘Lady Marmalade’ rap

06.27.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Daisy Ridley has many talents. Obviously acting is the main one, as anyone who's seen her in the Star Wars franchise will know. But it turns rapping is also pretty high on the list. "I do have a strong memory for songs," she told Jimmy Fallon on ... ...

A thoughtful interview with David Tennant about the loss of anonymity

I've never been able to get into Doctor Who, but I loves me some David Tennant. His performances in Broadchurch (Not that ****** American Gracepoint remake nonsense, mind you), Jessica Jones and, most recently, Good Omens, have been absolutely amazing. There's something about him that draws the eye and makes you believe in what he's ...

Watch Bernie Sanders interview a couple of shopping mall goth kid in 1988

When Bernie Sanders was mayor of Burlington, Vermont, he had a cable access show called Bernie Speaks. In this 1988 episode, Sanders spoke to a couple of affable goth kids about capitalism, fashion, politics, anarchy, and society.

From Reason:

The episode originally aired in March 1988, and it mostly consists of Sanders playing roving reporter at ...

‘Top End Wedding’ reinvents the rom-com in Australia’s stunning Northern Territory

04.30.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

You've never seen a rom-com like this. Sure, Top End Wedding treats you to the stereotypical elements of the genre: going home, family drama, car trouble, a right-at-the-gate airport scene, and one **** of a bridesmaids troupe.   But it's n... ...