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What Lawyer Brings To Company

03.05.2012 · Posted in Legal Articles

Lawyer is a legal advisor of a company that suggest and advice on different aspects of finance, technology and trade. Company lawyers also have responsibilities to suggest different ways in respect of how to give a growth to business. ...

To What Extend Labor Code Emendation Works

02.21.2012 · Posted in Legal Articles

Amendment to Labor Code came into force on 1 January 2012. One of the changes will make it possible to arrange probationary period for senior employees up to six months. Executives also affect new opportunity to negotiate with them to pay no regard to any overtime that the maximum allowable annual limit enforced. ...

Intellectual Property Law Firm

07.24.2009 · Posted in Society Articles

An intellectual property law firm has attorneys with several years of experience protecting the rights of artists, designers, engineers, and business developers. This law firm helps those who create new ideas prevent others from taking advantage of their work without paying the inventor or creator. ...