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ICE ran ****** recognition searches on millions of Maryland drivers’ photos without court approval; activists say they’re targeting immigrants

ICE has done ****** recognition searches on millions of photos Maryland drivers without court approval. They appear to be targeting immigrants who sought driver’s licenses after 2013.

The access sought by Maryland state officials “goes far beyond what other states allow and that alarms immigration activists in a state that grants special driver’s licenses to undocumented ...

Trump’s immigration enforcement agents use cellphone location data to track individuals for detention – WSJ

A commercial database that maps the movements of millions of cellphones is being used by immigration and border authorities to round up undesirable immigrants for detention and deportation.

The Wall Street Journal [paywall] published a special report on Friday about how federal agencies under impeached president Donald Trump are exploiting cellphone location data to track ...

CBP went against court orders and deported an Iranian student with a fully legal presence in the country

Shahab Dehghani is an Iranian citizen and college student who has been studying in Boston for the past several years. According to MassLive, he had been in the United States for two years while enrolled at UMass Boston. Dehghani had planned to transfer to Northeastern University, but returned home to Iran in December 2018, ...

Homeland Security labelled a group of volunteer doctors as “radical political activists”

The Trump administration's brazen propaganda game has always been strong, and always finds impressive new ways to out-horrible itself.

So this is really just the latest example of dehumanizing language presented in an official context.

Of course Border Patrol isn't going to let a random group of radical political activists show up and ...

Trump admin sued for requiring foreigners to disclose social media accounts when applying for visas

Two of documentary film groups are suing the administration of President Donald Trump for requiring foreigners to hand over their social media account IDs, even pseudonymous ones, to U.S. officials when applying for a visa.

Trump's administration announced the new rule in 2018, and started enforcing it in 2019.

“The requirement grew out of President Trump’s campaign ...

Trump policies result in 69,550 migrant children held in U.S. government custody over past year

We're number one. In the racist, eugenicist, genocidal theft of infants, toddlers, and tender-age children from undocumented and mostly indigenous migrants who are fleeing violence in Guatemala and other Central American failed states.

An Associated Press investigation found that America held a record number of kids in 2019. An estimated 69,550 migrant children were held ...

After a police raid, a Nicaraguan cartoonist has found sanctuary in the United States

Positive stories about Latin American immigrants and the United States are difficult to come by right now. But at least Pedro X. Molina and his family have found a happy ending.

Molina is an award-winning political cartoonist, whose scathing satire has been syndicated all across the world. Originally from Nicaragua, Molina was on staff at ...

In Supreme Court filing, Apple CEO Tim Cook opposes Trump, supports immigrant rights and ‘Dreamers’

On Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court declaring opposition to efforts by Donald Trump’s administration to end the federal 'Dreamer' program which protects from deportation hundreds of thousands of immigrants who brought into the country as kids.

“Among those people are hundreds of DACA recipients who had no say ...

Developer pulls critical code from tech company after ICE contract revealed

09.20.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Sick and tired of seeing families torn apart by ICE, one man decided to take a stand by pulling his code from a tech company working with the federal agency.  On Thursday, software engineer Seth Vargo pulled his open source “Chef Sugar&#82... ...