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Disney’s phased reopening video made to sound dystopian

Am I the only one who found the Disney Parks re-open announce video a little creepy?

— vegan sofrito (@pobrecito) July 9, 2020

Reopening the Walt Disney World theme parks during a global pandemic is scary, which is why this gloomier sounding ...

Covering “racist *******” with pics of kitties in Manchester, England

On Twitter, Lorenzo the Cat posted this pic of cute kitty posters being pasted over racist graffiti in Manchester, England. You DO follow Lorenzo the Cat on Twitter, don't you?

Signs being posted all over Manchester, England. ❤️

— Lorenzo The Cat (@LorenzoTheCat) March 4, 2020

Image: Twitter screengrab

Groundhog day for a black man

By living a rough day over and over again, a black motorist learns that the cops will find their reasons: "I'm stopping everyone with broad noses. See if you match the description."

Writer/Director: Cynthia Kao Cast (in order of appearance)t: Eric: Burl Moseley Officer 1: Ryan Stanger Female Officer: Celia Finkelstein Officer 2: Matt Cordova Officer 3: Marshall Givens

Read the ...

Dante’s **** re-imagined as linguistic sins

I just happened upon this McSweeny's post, Dante’s Nine Circles of ****, Reimagined for Linguistic Transgressions, by poet and software engineer, John Rauschenberg, that they published a few years ago.

What did they miss? Which transgression would you move closer to Lake Cocytus?

First Circle (Limbo): Autocorrect

Here wander the otherwise virtuous souls who were forced ...

Millennials are killing Poe’s Raven

From Ross Wolinsky's "The Millennial Raven" in McSweeney's: Once upon a midnight dreary, Tinder swiping, buzzed and weary/I asked Siri about my sushi ordered one hour before/ While I chewed some pretzels, snacking, suddenly there came a tapping/As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my apartment ...

The first book collecting the new Nancy comic is incredibly, fantastically, impossibly great

One of the great moments of my adulthood was my discovery -- courtesy of Mark's posts here on Boing Boing -- of the incredible work that Ernie Bushmiller did on Nancy from 1933 until his death in 1982. He was succeeded by a series of station-keeping cartoonists, some of whom were very adept at ...

Toy soldier parody ad highlights veterans’ plight, war’s horrors

Action Man: Battlefield Casualties is a set of black-comedy parody ads for a more realistic war-themed childrens' toy. It was produced by Veterans for Peace UK, to challenge a British Army ad campaign aimed at youngsters, and voiced by Matt Berry.

A Veterans For Peace UK Film challenging the British Army's policy of recruiting 16 ...

Hasan Minhaj roasts Justin Trudeau on climate hypocrisy

If Vladimir Putin didn't convince you that good pecs and hair do not qualify you to govern, I give you Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime ministerial princeling whose years in office have proven that there is no policy so progressive that he will not back it -- provided he never has to do anything to make ...