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SecondNature raises $16.4M for ‘healthy home’ subscription products like air and water filters

After a confusing trip to the store to purchase an air filter back in 2012, two N.C. State University students, Thad Tarkington and Kevin Barry, came up with the idea to make this routine home maintenance purchase a subscription-based business. The following year, their startup FilterEasy had a few hundred subscribers. Fast forward to now, ...

Save an extra 15% off these electric toothbrushes

03.19.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

To help you give your teeth the TLC they need, here's a sale on various electric toothbrushes that go beyond the call of duty. Use the code SPRINGSAVE15 to enjoy an additional 15% off all these options. Platinum Sonic Toothbrush and UV Sanitizing Cha... ...

Avoid a dry nose or throat with one of these humidifiers on sale

03.18.2020 · Posted in Health Articles, Technology Articles

You're likely spending a lot of time in your house or apartment right now and not a ton of time out and about. I'm no scientist, but it's probably getting a bit stuffy in your home with you being cooped up like that. If you want to make the air in yo... ...