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Apple sets App Store sales record during holidays, despite disastrous quarter

01.03.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

In the wake of a historic stock price drop, Apple surprised investors with some good news on Thursday. Customers helped Apple set an App Store sales record during the 2018 holiday season. This news comes just one day after the company lowered revenue... ...

Apple’s App Store pulled in $1.22B over the holidays plus a record $322M on New Year’s

Apple today is sharing some good news in the wake of yesterday’s reveal of a significant, market-moving cut to its revenue forecast, attributed to declining iPhone sales in China’s slowing economy. The company says its App Store, at least, was having a good holiday. This year, customers spent $1.22 billion during the 2018 holiday season and ...

White Elephant gets a wild twist at this family’s holiday party

12.26.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

Nothing tears families apart like an intense game of White Elephant, but this family takes things to another level of competition.  Also known as Yankee Swap or ***** Santa, every player has to bring a wrapped gift. The game has players either c... ...

Amazon announces a record-breaking holiday, “tens of millions” of new Prime subscribers

Amazon had another record-breaking holiday season, the retailer announced this morning. The company says it added “tens of millions” of people who signed up for Prime memberships, both paid and on a trial basis. Its worldwide customers also shopped and ordered more items than ever before, including “millions more Amazon devices” compared with this time ...

Christmas: Trump takes kids’ Santa calls amid shutdown, pretty much blows it

Donald Trump, answering a phone call about Santa Claus from a child, 7, on Christmas Eve:

"Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at seven it's marginal, right?"

Trump sat in front of a roaring fireplace with his wife Melania.

Donald Trump, answering phone call from 7-year-old on Christmas Eve: "Are you still ...

People are tweeting surprise holiday visits, and they’re just heartwarming

12.24.2018 · Posted in Family Articles, Technology Articles

They begin in a similar way: Someone sneaks down a hallway, stealthily opens a door, quietly comes down stairs. Then everyone starts screaming and hugging and someone almost always cries.  Over the past few days, people have been tweeting videos... ...

This story of a noisy neighbor — and cake — shows the power of kindness over anger

12.23.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

Call it the Christmas Spirit: 2018 Edition. Writer Candice Marie Benbow chose to handle what could have been a sticky situation with a neighbor with kindness, and, also, cake. SEE ALSO: Happy Holidays, internet: Here are 5 hilarious seasonal cards to... ...

Holiday carols, one-handed guitar, stump duct tape pick

“I was born without my right hand and play guitar with a duct tape pick I made,” says IMGURian abshow. “I play drums too!”

Here is the ABShow YouTube channel.

This is a clip of my drum cover of Pentatonix' version of this Christmas classic! Hope you enjoy -- feel free to SHARE and let me ...