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TripAdvisor reviews for a hole in a wall

Thanks to TripAdvisor reviews for a hole in a wall, the architectural feature has become the fourth-most popular tourist destination in Ilkeston, a town in Derbyshire, England.

The hole reassures users of a nearby NatWest bank ATM that no-one is hiding behind the wall to rob them, but its absurdity and questionable utility resulted ...

Why not pour gas into that gopher hole?

Facebook user Brandon Ftacek shares this fantastic demonstration of just one of the many potential pitfalls you may encounter when using gasoline and rapid combustion to control your local gopher population.

He certainly showed them.

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First image of a supermassive black hole

One day, my children, all this will be yours.

From The National Science Foundation:

So how were scientists able to “see” the supermassive black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy 53 million light years away? ...

It is still impossible to image the actual black hole (again, that intense gravity let’s nothing escape) so ...

Museum visitor injured after stepping into pit he thought was a painting on the floor

The blackest of black pigments is a substance called Vantablack. It reflects almost no visible light, so anything painted with it looks like a 2D cutout of nothingness. British artist Anish Kapoor licensed the worldwide exclusive rights to use Vantab... ...