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Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ finally re-edits that controversial scene from Season 1

07.16.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

It's been over two years since the popular mystery/thriller 13 Reasons Why premiered on Netflix. The show drummed up a lot of controversy at the time. One scene in particular, which portrays the graphic suicide of a main character, drew criticism fro... ...

The best UK deals for Blue Monday: ManCave beard oils, Rimmel highlighters, L’Oréal face masks, and more

Welcome to Blue Monday — a party you definitely don't want to attend.  If you aren't familar with this date, and why it's blue, it's probably a good thing, because Blue Monday is the name given to the date in January claimed to be the most... ...

Becoming Fit

11.24.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

Becoming fit and in shape is sometimes a daunting task. This is especially true if your days are filled with too many activities or responsibilities. ...