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Halloween night on the New York Subway

It's an annual tradition--Sai Mokhtari photographs the New York subway on Halloween.

Take a scroll through hundreds of photos from the last few years. Yes there are lots of Suicide Squad characters, but there's also a living bodega, Billy Mitchell from King Of Kong, Joanne the Scammer, and a woman ...

Bob Ross couple’s costume and other Halloween night surprises in my neighborhood

This Bob Ross "painted" happy little trees onto their partner's face all evening.

I've lived in Alameda, California going on 10 years now and I'm always surprised by what I see on Halloween night — it's a real circus! Each year, thousands of revelers head to my neighborhood in the Fernside district to trick or treat. ...

Jimmy Kimmel ruined Halloween for kids again with his annual candy-eating prank

11.05.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Another year, another wave of sobbing children who have been cruelly led to believe that their parents devoured every bit of their Halloween candy. The culprit? Jimmy Kimmel, of course. He once again encouraged parents to prank their kids on came... ...

The Porch of Doom: a Halloween haunt that sends visitors to a billionaires’ Mars where they are expected to do all the ***** work

Pete Tridish and pals made a **** of a Hallowe'en haunt this year: on their "porch of doom," trick-or-treaters were sent to a Mars colonized by billionaires where they were expected to mine Mars rocks and put them in Amazon Mars boxes at a sweatshop Amazon Mars warehouse; Pete notes that the haunt was ...

Utah elementary student wore a **** costume to school parade

On Halloween, a child at Creekside Elementary School in Kaysville, Utah wore a **** uniform as his costume for a parade at school. After some people complained online, the school principal and a teacher were suspended with pay for allowing such a thing. I wish they could suspend the boy's parents from being parents. According ...

Airbnb to ban ‘party houses’ in wake of Halloween shooting that left 5 dead

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said Saturday the company will ban “party houses” and take other steps to safeguard hosts and guests after five people died at a Halloween party hosted at California home that was rented on the service. Chesky made the announcement via a series of tweets Saturday. “What happened on Thursday night in ...

Security camera captures dinosaurs invading home

Aw, and they only took one piece each despite being terrifying dinosaurs.

Home surveillance cameras get a lot of criticism around here, but no matter what horrible civil liberties implications there be, you can't tell me this isn't quality content.

“Our Nest subscription was worth every penny,” says @macbryce.

Our Nest subscription was worth ...

Watch this kid do a good thing with his candy

Wait for it.

This is good candy karma.

Not sure who the person was who recorded it on their li'l home security camera, but the video has gone viral and it's sweet.

A kid trick-or-treating on Halloween goes up to a house in his costume with mom and sibling, encounters an empty candy bowl, and generously decides to ...