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Hackers attack Microsoft customer service system, run off with data

06.26.2021 · Posted in Other Tech Articles, Technology Articles

Microsoft said Friday that hackers hacked a computer used by one of its customer service agents and stole account data which they then used to launch “highly targeted” attacks against customers. The company identified the hacking group as Nobelium, the same one behind last year’s massive SolarWinds breach. Microsoft has secured computers, which were infected ...

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State-sponsored hackers are using COVID-19 as cover for espionage, report from Google’s Threat Analysis Group shows

More than 12 government-backed hacker groups are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic as cover for digital reconnaissance and espionage, a new report by Google's Threat Analysis Group finds.

An excerpt from reporting by Lily Hay Newman at Wired:

On Wednesday, Google's Threat Analysis Group published findings about two of the state-sponsored campaigns it's been tracking. One ...

Hackers tried to break into WHO, which faces more than two-fold increase in cyberattacks

Hackers tried to break into the World Health Organization earlier in March, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread, Reuters reports. Security experts blame an advanced cyber-espionage hacker group known as DarkHotel.

A senior agency official says the WHO has been facing a more than two-fold increase in cyberattacks since the coronavirus pandemic began.

From reporting by ...

Researchers say Voatz voting app has big security flaws, 4 states using it for 2020 elections anyway

Researchers at MIT say the voting app Voatz, which is being used by at least 4 states in the 2020 elections, has major security flaws that could allow an attacker to intercept and alter votes, while making voters think their votes have been cast correctly, or trick the votes server into accepting connections from an ...

US charges 4 Chinese spies with hacking Equifax

• The Equifax breach was disclosed in 2017, exposed financial records of 150M Americans

FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich: “This is the largest theft of sensitive PII by state-sponsored hackers ever recorded.”

The U.S. Department of Justice today announced charges against four intelligence agents of the Chinese government for the legendary Equifax hack. Disclosed ...

Disinformation 2020: FBI warns of ongoing Russian ‘information warfare’

“They identify an issue that they know that the American people feel passionately about on both sides and then they take both sides and spin them up so they pit us against each other. And then they combine that with an effort to weaken our confidence in our elections and our democratic institutions which has ...

In this email scam, Iran-linked hackers pose as journalists

Reuters today published a report about an email hacking operation targeting journalists and their connected sources, and the scam appears to be associated with Iran.

The scam is this: send cleverly disguised emails that impersonate prominent journalists, in an effort to get the recipient to give up valuable data and access.

Here is an example.

IMAGE: Screenshot ...

Recode’s data privacy reporter shares story of how hackers stole $13,103.91 from her

Sara Morrison is a data privacy reporter for Vox's Recode. She recently wrote a story about how hackers drained her bank account of over $13,000. She says it happened because she used similar passwords across different accounts. She concludes the article with 3 things you should do to protect your online accounts.

Photo by Victoria ...