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A brief history of guitar distortion

Over at Riff Magazine, my old pal David Gill looks back at the birth of distortion and its position as "central to rock and roll as the *** and the drugs." From Riff:

In March 1951, a 19-year-old Ike Turner was recording his saxophonist Jackie Breston’s song “Rocket 88,” an ode to the Oldsmobile 88 ...

Fantastic electric guitar built from 1,200 colored pencils

Flyjumper crafted this magnificent Stratocaster-shaped guitar from 1,200 colored pencils and a lot of grit. He's posted many more photos and GIFs of the build here.

"I saw a lot of people online making bowls out of colored pencils and I wanted to take it up a notch and make something that I can actually ...

A fantastically fun looper pedal cover of The Cure’s “Close To Me”

I've been researching looper pedals for my 12-year-old guitarist son and happened upon this video of **** Bishop using his Boss RC-300 Loop Station to create a very fun cover of "Close To Me," perhaps my favorite song by The Cure.

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You can buy Sonic Youth’s old music gear and records

Sonic Youth is selling a couple hundred pieces of music gear and a slew of rare vinyl records including test pressings of their own LPs and other fine platters. The Official Sonic Youth Reverb Shop opens for business today. From

One of the guitars included in The Official Sonic Youth Reverb Shop ...

Online Guitar lessons Be taught How To Get The Most out Of Them.

08.03.2011 · Posted in Music Articles

I've tried to be taught to play guitar many instances before but have succumbed to many misconceptions and then beaten myself for "not getting it". Here I wish to go on just a few things I've discovered from these mistakes as well as those made by others, in the hope that this can assist other ...

Electric guitars: the merits of choosing mid-range models

11.23.2009 · Posted in Music Articles

Much prominence is given by the media and commentators to those electric guitars that sit at the very high end of the market. This is because these brands carry with them a certain legendary status and pedigree. While it would be wonderful to own one of these models, they can often be outside a player ...