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School apologizes after parents complain that “Santa Goes Green” Christmas concert was anti-oil

On Thursday, the Oxbow Prairie Horizons School in Saskatchewan, Canada staged their annual student Christmas concert. The show, "Santa Goes Green," ****** off parents in the town where oil is one of the major industries. Here's a description from the Santa Goes Green sheet music:

Melting ice caps, global warming, surfing reindeer! The North Pole ...

Lego’s new green-minded effort to collect and redistribute old bricks

Today, Lego announced Replay, an initiative to collect, clean, and redistribute old bricks through organizations like Teach For America and the Boys and Girls Club of Boston. Basically, you toss your old Legos in a box and ship them off with a prepaid label provided by logistics company Give Back Box. From Wired:

The ...

UK couple grows their own furniture from living trees

Gavin and Alice Munro are serious about sustainability. On a two-acre field in England's Midlands, they're growing trees that are trained into forming the shape of furniture, including chairs.

A complete dining room set takes about a decade to grow, but they'll sell you items that are pre-grown in an online shop.

Here's a video:

“The couple ...

Plants that glow could illuminate tomorrow’s buildings

MIT researchers who developed light-emitting plants are now exploring how the glowing greenery could be integrated into future building designs. In their proof-of-concept demonstration, the scientist packaged luciferase, the enzyme that enables fireflies to glow, into nanoparticles that were then suspended in solution. The plants were immersed in the solution and, through high pressure, ...

Famous landmarks around the world turn green for St. Patrick’s Day

03.17.2019 · Posted in Other Articles, Technology Articles

The greenest day of the year will always be St. Patrick's Day. Cities around the world celebrated the Irish holiday on Sunday by turning their most famous landmarks green. It's amazing what a quick dye job can do to your standard government building.... ...

Whats the Hype Hybrids Are getting? Fuel Prices, Global warning Convienence and more

07.20.2011 · Posted in Technology Articles

The autos being recalled were made between Sept. 5 and Sept. 11, 2006,according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationin a announcement posted ontheir web page, Ford reported the gasoline tanks on 2,945 autos might not include suitable welds between the fuel tank and fuel filler neck.rnNissan LEAF is the only auto in its class, ...

Mobile Phones Exchanged and Gold Cashed: Recycling Can Earn You Money

04.14.2010 · Posted in Mobile Articles

Recycling is not just about saving the planet and helping out people in need. Big business is backing the recycling green agenda because they know that being green can actually make you a lot of money. Thinking about all the things we throw away as simply ******* is just a waste, there may even be ...