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Send a Chocolate Gift for that Perfect Smile on Your Loved One’s Face

11.01.2009 · Posted in Food and Beverage Articles

Just hearing the words gourmet chocolates makes everyone feel good. That's not surprising since there are few of us that don't love the taste of gourmet chocolate. There are very few who resist indulging in chocolate. Because of this, gourmet chocolate gifts are a very popular gift choice. While Valentine's Day is the biggest day ...

Why Spend Money on Gourmet Chocolates?

07.20.2009 · Posted in Food and Beverage Articles

You see the beautifully wrapped box of gourmet chocolates. Or, you smell the creamy aroma of freshly made chocolates at a gourmet chocolate shop. Both send a rush of desire for the delicious taste of chocolate! Its an almost universal result of seeing or smelling gourmet cacao bean creations! The question becomes, ...

Gourmet Chocolates – Should You Pay a Little Extra? Why Pay Extra for Gourmet Chocolates? What Make Gourmet Chocolates Worth It?

07.20.2009 · Posted in Food and Beverage Articles

You come upon a deliciously wrapped selection of gourmet chocolates. Perhaps, you catch a whiff of just made gourmet chocolates from a shop. Whichever it is, you now want some scrumptious chocolates! Almost everyone feels like that after they've smelled or or seen some top cacao sweet treats. But, gourmet ...

Commemorating the Season with Personalized Easter Baskets

03.07.2009 · Posted in Food and Beverage Articles

Giving away personalized Easter baskets, which usually contain the traditional basket fillers like ham, egg, cheese, butter, salt, sausages, eggs, and pascha (aka "Easter bread"), is a common tradition during Easter. Personalized Easter baskets usually need extra effort to prepare, but there are other gifts that are simpler, such as handmade cards and painted eggs ...

Who Wouldn’t Enjoy Chocolate Truffles As A Birthday Gift?

07.31.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

For ages, chocolate truffles have been the best gifts for all celebrations. Any special celebration, from holidays to weddings to birthdays, is a welcome time to give and receive these gifts and many individuals across the country has given or received candys at some point in the past. The industry has become ...

A. Korkunov The History of a Russian Chocolatier

08.22.2006 · Posted in Other F&B Articles

When the USSR fell in 1991; a new brand of Russian businessperson was born. No longer under the heavy hand of the Communist Party, the Russian version of capitalism rose from the ashes of the latent regime. One of these businessmen was Mr. AndreiKo ...