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This ‘foster mom’ bear is raising a cub saved by a dog

An orphaned black bear cub has been placed with a substitute bear mom this week after the little baby bear was saved by a family dog, and tenderly brought to safety.

The amazing images of the rescued black bear cub in this post are from the Wildlife Center of Virginia, you can donate to ...

Man delivering newspapers notices a restaurant on fire and puts it out himself

While newspaper delivery driver, Vince Cocoroch, is on his route at 2am in Victoria, BC, Canada, he notices the side of a restaurant on fire. He calls the fire department, but rather than wait for the firetrucks to arrive, he jumps out of his car and puts out the fire himself (3:06), getting a little ...

Large dog is large

Okay. This dog is ONE year old. One.

How big is he gonna get?

“This is Maverick, he belongs to one of my clients,” says IMGURian @jcequine.

“He recently turned 1, and I just wanted to show you how big he is!”

He's big.

“I'm 5 foot 6!”



This is Maverick, he belongs to one of my ...

Fishermen rescue deer floating at sea 5 miles off Maine coast

A lobster catcher in Maine rescued a deer that somehow got swept out 5 miles off the shore, in the ocean.

Ren Dorr, who is the captain of this lobster fishing vessel, told reporters he and his shipmates encountered the juvenile buck drifting away from the coast, and they “couldn’t let the poor guy suffer and ...

VIDEO: Missing dog found 12 years later and 1,000 miles away is reunited with overjoyed owner

A beloved dog that was lost in 2007 has been found -- over one thousand miles away from home, in Pittsburgh, PA.

After being lost for 12 years, Dutchess finally met her owner again, and Humane Animal Rescue captured the moment on video.

The toy fox terrier disappeared from their south Florida home in 2007, says Humane ...

Positivism a key to a successful life

07.24.2009 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

Books are man's best friend. You can turn to them when you are lonely, when you are feeling down and emotionally drained and cynical. Books are an important and vital part of humankind and every culture as they provide us with enormous sea of knowledge, which are helpful in strengthening us spiritually, mentally and emotionally. ...