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USB half-golfball with one USB port

There's an unlimited wealth of useless USB gadgetry to be acquired, obviously, but something about the USB half-golfball with one USB port [Amazon] posted to Twitter by @foone (whose epic threads about subjects such as "possibly cursed USB adapters" are easily the best thing on Twitter right now) captures the very essence of ...

“People To ****” notebook

Organize the week ahead with this handsome People To **** notebook from Amazon. With 100 pages to accomodate a frenetic schedule, unlined to allow your deranged handwriting to freely wander the page and to provide space for scratchy, disturbing sketches, the A5-size hardbound book features liquid-resistant metallic lettering for a durable ****** journal.

The Brain Coat is not a tinfoil hat

Behold the Brain Coat, which is not a tinfoil hat but rather a silver-coated nylon skull cap with ear *****. It's lightweight, breathable, and claims to be effective at shielding the brain from radio waves while remaining comfortable even if worn with other headgear.

Microwave Shielding Effect: 35 dB at 1-10 GHz Surface resistivity:


This chocolate Easter egg contains 10 pencil erasers

As Easter approaches, my mind naturally goes to pencil erasers, as I'm sure yours does, too. Why didn't anyone think of this before?

A limited edition, bean to bar craft chocolate Easter egg, handmade by the wonderful Pump Street Chocolate in Suffolk.

Each dark milk chocolate egg houses 10 new & vintage erasers. With 150g+ ...

10 ways you can show off your favorite tweets in the real world

03.07.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Every once in a while a tweet so **** good comes along that it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, all the bad the internet has given us has been worth it. It's rare for a tweet to spark so much joy that the "like" and "retweet" buttons don't do i... ...

Wooden fractal curve puzzles

Martin Raynsford makes beautiful and intricate wooden puzzles with space-filling fractal curves and is kickstartering a set of four.

The pattern is a single line that crosses all of the two dimensional space without ever repeating. The puzzles follow these simple rules to break the line into multiple pieces that are almost identical ...

Amazon Moments lets developers reward customers with actual gifts, not just virtual ones

App and web developers are always trying to figure out better ways of keeping their users engaged on their platforms for longer. Today, Amazon is launching a service that it hopes those developers will use to do just that. Amazon Moments — as it is called — will let developers create actions — “moments” — ...

Delightful set of Mondrian sticky notes

Designers Assia Quetin and Catherine Denoyelle created this ingenious sticky note desk accessory inspired by the beloved abstract artist Piet Mondrian. "Monde Riant" is €13.75 from PA Design.

Of course it reminds me of pastry chef Caitlin Freeman's wonderful Mondrian Cake below. (Recipe in Freeman's book Modern Art Desserts.)

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