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Christoph Waltz quizzes Jimmy Fallon on long German words and it’s wonderfully informative

02.05.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Even though English and German are both Germanic languages, the two really don't seem all that similar – at least from a layman's perspective.  One such layman, Jimmy Fallon, just had his knowledge of the German language put to the tes... ...

Ever needed to translate something on the go?

04.26.2010 · Posted in Software Articles

A high quality translator that conforms to the grammatical structure of the target language. ...

Fast Growing Professional Translation Services

10.26.2009 · Posted in Finance Articles

The demand for professional translation services has grown in the recent years not only for businesses but also for individuals. Globalization has clearly implied that both large and small business units are trying to reach the worldwide market and are thus expanding through their websites and legal contracts. ...

Learn German Online

10.20.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Want to learn German? You can do so online. There are lots of online resources that can help you learn how to speak, read, and understand German. Whether you are planning to learn German because you are going on vacation or if you are planning to learn it in line with your work, you can ...

My Thoughts On Rocket German

10.02.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Learning a different language is something that most of us have in our to-do-in-this-lifetime list. But no matter how great that might be, we know that its exceptionally difficult for us to learn a language that we absolutely havent been exposed to. ...

A Free and Widely Available Method Online, to Learn to Speak the German Language In Under 8 Weeks

10.01.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Upon learning to speak the German language one will understand it presents itself as a language that benefits the learner in many more ways than one. The German language is one of the most widely spoken languages not only in Europe but around the globe, illustrating the fact that this language would be greatly beneficial ...