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The online seed-swapping communities bringing the internet back to nature

10.04.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

Kelly Lay has been gardening since she was three-years-old.  Now a nursery specialist at a Lowes in central Illinois, Lay has turned her natural gift for gardening into a profession. And in her spare time Lay moderates r/seedswap, a small Reddit... ...

How to make a Hot bed for your Garden

01.28.2012 · Posted in Gardening Articles

An ingenious method of providing heat for tender plants, without the necessity for any elaborate electric heating wires, is to create a 'hotbed', that makes use of fresh horse dung to heat plant roots. That is the way those nineteenth century gardeners used to do it. When the manure rots down it gives off ...

Watering Your Garden During A Hot Spell

01.11.2012 · Posted in Work From Home Articles

To state the obvious, plants cannot live without water - a prolonged dry spell in the summer months can result in serious losses the plants most at risk. Newly planted shrubs and trees, bedding plants, shallow-rooted vegetables and climbers growing close to the house. ...