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Frag Labs Introduces Pulse Series Gaming Desktops!

03.31.2012 · Posted in Hardware Articles

Frag Labs are pleased to work with U-Nited Warranties to be able to offer a 24 Month On-Site Hardware Warranty to most areas with our entire Pulse Gaming PC Range to ensure you are never alone. Featuring cutting edge 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor technology with Intels Turbo-Boost Technology and 4 cores which means you ...

Check Out Innovative Technology For Optimizing Gaming Laptops

04.18.2009 · Posted in Computer Articles

Whether you are a novice or highly competitive gamer, there's a system available to reward you with the ultimate experience. There's a lot of technology being developed by manufacturers. They are delivering gaming laptops with tremendous speeds and power. If you haven't shopped around you are in for an awakening to the possibilities existing that ...

How to Build a Custom PC Gaming System

11.10.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

Many game fanatics won't settle for just the basics when it comes to their choice of personal computers. If you like gaming, then you should carefully select the hardware and software you will use to build your own PC, which is not that difficult if you already know what you need. ...

How to build your own custom gaming computer

03.28.2008 · Posted in Hardware Articles

If you want to build your own high performance gaming computer, this article will provide you useful information that you can use to build it. By building your own gaming PC you also have a lot of advantages like limited expenses and getting a great custom gaming computer at low cost. Save money and have ...