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Amazing Technologies That Are Revolutionizing the Gaming World?

03.01.2021 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

Various forms of technology are consistently impacting the world as it adapts to the new changes that come in every year. With so many sectors being revolutionized due to technological influence, the gaming industry is not left behind either in this regard. While some of us are too distracted finding a Gamecube HD cable for ...

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Definitive Guide to Playing on PC With

11.18.2020 · Posted in Writing and Speaking is one of the most iconic browser games next to the phenomenal If you have noticed, both mentioned titles have “.io”  at the end of their names. This is because both games belong to the io games category, which is known as browser games. This type of game requires an Internet connection and ...

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‘My hobby is designing and building unique arcade games from scratch.’

This is a really cool homebuilt arcade game project.

“My hobby is designing and building unique arcade games from scratch,” says IMGURian @builtbyblatt.

“This is The Blatt Box.”

This is Speed mode. You have 45 seconds to score as many points as possible by stopping two lights in circular motion when they meet at a ...

I love this cheap, mechanical gaming keyboard… and it lights up too!

This Redragon 10-keyless mechanical gaming keyboard has increased my gaming enjoyment.

I moved from controller to KB+M gameplay and things are better! I mostly wanted the insane update that moving to a modern graphics chipset, ram and storage would bring but the increased control of playing games with a keyboard and mouse are a huge ...

Wolfeye Studios’ Weird West is looking like my kind of game

I'm looking forward to Weird West, for a number of reasons. Its hand-painted aesthetic and  top-down tactical game play bring to mind all of the love that I hold for Fallout and Fallout 2 and Wasteland 2—as does the fact that it's full of monsters and other horrific entities that crawl around the desert waiting ...

Logos of videogame consoles from then and now

Graphic designer Reagan Ray compiled more than 100 logos of videogame consoles from 1976 to 2017. (Just a handful seen above.) Oh how I miss the days of the, um, Fairchild Channel F and the Bandai Playdia. Ray writes:

This list covers the second (1976) through eighth (present) generation consoles. According to Wikipedia, there were 687 ...

Cosplay of Greatness: ‘Isaac Clarke’

Stupendous dedication and execution on this cosplay masterpiece.

A wonderful Isaac Clarke cosplay build by IMGURian @buu342 for this year's Comic Con in Lisbon, Portugal.

“The entire build took about three months of work, and a few extra weeks for planning and material gathering.”

They shared an incredible step-by-step gallery of images showing the many steps ...