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People are just discovering ‘Scream Go Hero’ and their videos are marvelous

03.15.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Screaming is usually associated with frustration or terror, but what if we all just started screaming... for fun? Scream Go Hero, a free voice-activated gaming app that translates audio input to character movement, encourages players to do just that.... ...

Epic colony simulator Dwarf Fortress coming to and Steam

Dwarf Fortress, the astonishingly elaborate and in-depth simulation of a community of dwarves settling somewhere in the middle of a vast randomly-generated world, is getting a graphical update, a price tag, and a launch date on and other game stores. The core game will remain free of charge.

The new, premium edition ...

Clicker games honored, decried

You know that what you're playing is a little more than an attention trap devised by ironists or perhaps even psychologists, barely fun in any meaningful sense, a dopamine reward mechanism veiled only minimally in story, character, art or music. And yet you play, on an on, hour after hour.

William Hughes on the genre ...

A brief history of the bizarre, unholy offspring of Tetris

In 1984, Alexey Pajitnov, then working for the Russian Academy of Sciences, completed his masterpiece, Tetris. It was perfection and, sadly, could only go downhill from there, as the inimitable videogamedunkey explains in this delightful video above.

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DIY: Video game cartridges laser-carved in wood

“I originally only made NES/SNES cartridges out of wood. Someone kept on bugging me to make him a Soul Reaver cartridge, so I eventually made him one. This was made out walnut, cherry and poplar using a laser engraver.”

Amazing creative work by IMGURian Pigminted. They've got a store via Instagram! Love this stuff.

View ...

Cheap but great JoyCon grips for the Nintendo Switch

These cheap grips make playing Mario Kart against my kid easier.

For less than $12 delivered these have improved my Switch experience. JoyCons firmly pop into these ABS grips, and while the firmness of the buttons takes a game or two to get used to, these fit my hand far better than the stand-alone JoyCon.

The ...

BATHDOOM: A Doom level based on a terrible bathroom remodel

For years, Something Awful forum members have reveled in user bEatmstrJ's blow-by-blow account of a terrible bathroom remodel, in which he sought to transform his bathroom "with a woman in mind" with an eye to a future home-sale ("woman play an unfair role in the home-buying process"); bEatmstrJ's saga combines terrible ideas about how a ...

What makes a good computer RPG

Chester Bolingbroke on the three elements that must be well-balanced to make a good computer role-playing game: breadth, depth and immersion.

Breadth refers primarily to the physical size of the game. It can be measured in dungeon squares or tiles, or in modern games the length of time it takes to travel from one ...