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Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a $95,000 Hippopotamine Sofa

The holidays are right around the corner, so here are some gems from Hammacher Schlemmer's current offerings.

The Handcrafted Hippopotamine Sofa is listed at $95,000 and "requires over 400 hours to make due to the intricate design and the artist’s painstaking attention to detail."

The Mini Monster Truck is listed at $125,000, promises a top ...

UK couple grows their own furniture from living trees

Gavin and Alice Munro are serious about sustainability. On a two-acre field in England's Midlands, they're growing trees that are trained into forming the shape of furniture, including chairs.

A complete dining room set takes about a decade to grow, but they'll sell you items that are pre-grown in an online shop.

Here's a video:

“The couple ...

Wearable chair

Lex is a "wearable" chair, an apparatus that attaches to your thighs and waist. The legs are shaped to conform to your legs when you're walking around, but become stable struts when you sit back.

The LEX is a bionic wearable that enhances posture, comfort, and life. It is designed to let you relax ...

IKEA lets you design your own couch and Twitter is busy exploring the endless possibilities

06.23.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

In the market for a brand new couch? If the answer's yes, IKEA's website is here to help. If the answer's no, that's OK. You should still visit IKEA's website. Why? Well, the furniture store that also sells the weirdly delicious Swedish meatballs has... ...

There’s now a line of high-end Star Wars furniture

Look closely at that hanging lamp.

Big Star Wars fanatic? Then, these are the furniture pieces you are looking for.

ELLE Decor:

There’s never been a shortage of officially licensed Star Wars furniture on the market; most pieces, however, have been intended for kids’ rooms. But that changed in the fall of 2018, when designer

Ori Living partners with IKEA to bring robotic furniture to customers by 2020

Welcome to the robotic bedroom of the future, coming in 2020 to tiny apartments beginning in Hong Kong and Japan, but expanding around the world. IKEA is now selling robotic furniture that can convert from a storage and seating unit into a bed and closet and back again. The new line of furniture, based on ...