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Man goes absolutely nuts when he finds out his girlfriend got the job

05.23.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Today, we're gonna talk about BHE. Big Hype Energy.  Everyone needs a hype man in their life to gas them up during their biggest accomplishments and milestones. The position is inherently gender neutral — anyone can be a hype man, from you... ...

‘And I oop’ is having another moment and the memes are too good for this world

05.21.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

If you ever find yourself in need of something to say in the mortifying seconds after you realize you've make a mistake, consider this timeless, charming phrase: "And I oop." If those three short words sound familiar, it may be because they've been f... ...

Hilarious cockpit transcript of the Navy pilots who drew a giant ***** in the sky over Washington

On November 16, 2017, the crew of a Navy EA-18G Growler jet delighted sixth graders, launched a meme, and ****** off prudes everywhere by drawing a ***** in the sky with their engine exhaust over the state of Washington. Their prank caused quite a stir in the Navy, even leading to an "official information dispatch" ...

BIGTIME TOMMIE, an Instagram of pure greatness

I want to thank @mikejonesfl for bringing BIGTIME TOMMIE into my life. He's right, this is the best Instagram.

Let's take a look at BIGTIME TOMMIE's Instagram bio.


I'm down.

Let's get to business. Here is a smattering of what makes this guy Tommie ...