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Moose traps man in shed, home surveillance camera got it on video

An Alaska family's home surveillance camera recorded a most remarkable video of a moose trapping a man inside the family shed.

Curtis Phelps was just trying to take the garbage out, when -- as this video from his Ring home surveillance camera demonstrates -- he got trapped inside the shed by a moose who managed to ...

Playlist for when you leave your dog at home alone

Spotify is now making regularly updated playlists and a podcast (I know, I know) for dogs whose owners must leave their beloved pets at home for extended hours, while they're at work and so on.

The idea is dogs can listen to the audio in their owners' absence and be comforted. Some 74% of UK ...

Goat snuck onto UPS truck

UPS driver Bruce Slette found a goat in the back of his UPS delivery truck, and the images he snapped and sent to his daughter have now gone very viral.

They're really quite funny.

My dad is a UPS driver in rural North Dakota & today he sent me these photos with no context

Donkey tries to sing along to human playing violin – unmute!

You've seriously gotta unmute this.

Donkeys must think the sound of these humans playing the violin sounds like other donkeys, because the donkeys in these videos appear to be really enjoying it.

Here's another video of the same situation with a totally different donkey, and completely different humans playing a different violin.

Cracks me up so hard every ...

Thief robs caricature artist but leaves his portrait behind

Earlier this month at the Festival of Lights event in Riverside, California, a gentleman requested that a caricature artist paint his portrait. Once the drawing was finished, the subject snatched the artist's bag of earnings containing around $500. He left his portrait behind. From KTLA:

“Do you recognize this caricature? And no, we are not ...