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As gas tax revenues drop, states like Utah want EVs to pay for road upkeep

“Gas taxes pay for the upkeep of our roads, but electric cars don't use gasoline,” Jonathan Gitlin writes at Ars Technica.

In the United States, the upkeep of our public roads has traditionally been paid for by the taxes we pay at the fuel pump on gasoline and diesel fuel. As more Americans buy ...

How to find the best fuel conversion kit for present generation cars?

10.20.2008 · Posted in Cars Articles

How To Run Your Car With Water And Increase Fuel Efficiency? rnThe latest in fuel efficiency is to convert one's car machinery to make it run on water. By doing this, one can increase gas mileage of the car to a considerable level and is ideal to get a safer environment. One can use the ...

How To Run Your Car With Water And Increase Fuel Efficiency?

09.22.2008 · Posted in Cars Articles

Benefits Of Hybrid CarsrnrnIncrease in the cost of fuel has made people to think about alternative options by which the can run their car. People use petroleum to run their vehicles but as the price of petroleum is increasing, it is quite difficult to maintain the cost for running vehicles. As petroleum is a non-renewable ...

50 Percent Plus Better Gas Mileage Burn HHO Gas From Water Free

07.23.2008 · Posted in Vehicles Articles

Today everyone on earth has to deal with high gas prices that have gone through the roof. A hearty congratulations because you've just found an awesome way to get better gas mileage by 50 percent plus. It's easy to place your own water to hydrogen or HHO gas converter on your car or truck. Use ...

Increase Gas Mileage Up 50 Percent! Hydrogen Gas Saver Keep SUVs!

07.17.2008 · Posted in Vehicles Articles

It's been known for many years that a hydrogen gas saver device will increase gas mileage 50 percent plus, getting the best gas mileage for your car making HHO gas (hydrogen gas). Mix HHO gas with fuel on any gas burning automobile or "gas hog", even diesel engine cars and get an outstanding increase ...