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Foxtrot picks up $17 million to reimagine the convenience store

Amidst the staggering rise of on-demand delivery services, the convenience store has been left relatively untouched. Until very recently. Foxtrot, founded in 2013, is looking to reimagine the corner convenience store, offering customers the option to buy in-store or order online for delivery. The company today announced the close of a $17 million growth round, ...

A Historical Overview Of Foxtrot

07.10.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

Foxtrot is a very elegant and smooth dance that can be danced at a variety of social events, including weddings. It's characterized by long, gliding movements across the dance floor. In this article we will take a peek into the history of foxtrot. ...

Dance For Your Life

05.16.2009 · Posted in Health Care Articles

Ballroom and Latin dancing is so much fun and the proof is out there that it also promotes wellbeing. Not only the physical aspects of dance but for the mind to and including social interaction. The benefits are wide ranging and less injury prone unlike other sports with heavy weight and high impact aerobics classes. ...