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KFC closes dining rooms in Florida over coronavirus spike

The fried chicken chain KFC is closing dining rooms at the restaurants it owns in Florida because of the state's accelerating outbreak of COVID-19.

Today, Florida is reporting 12,600 new coronavirus cases.

Reuters cites a letter sent from KFC to its Florida franchisees earlier today:

The letter, from KFC U.S. Chief Operating Officer Monica Rothgery ...

Zac Efron wants to travel the world (and maybe save it) in new Netflix show

06.27.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles

Zac Efron isn't acting in his new Netflix show. He's hosting a travel series called Down to Earth, which seems like it'll be a mix of a food diary and an environmental documentary. While not exactly what you'd expect from Efron, the preview looks... ...

Post office evacuated and workers treated for durian exposure

Police and emergency services evacuated a post office in the Bavarian town of Schweinfurt after employees reported a horrible smell emanating from a suspect package. Turns out it was a small shipment of durian, the horrifically pungent fruit popular in southeast Asia. From CNN:

"A total of twelve postal workers who complained of nausea had ...

Software will reshape our world in the next decade

This storm shall pass. However the choices we make now will change our lives forever. ...

Coronavirus outbreak leads to beef production cuts at Cargill plant in Canada that supplies McDonald’s patties

The plant is “built around efficiency,” keeping workers in close quarters and making it impossible to social distance, Cargill says

Smithfield Foods, Inc. recently closed a major pork processing plant in South Dakota, after workers were sickened with coronavirus in what has since become an outbreak hotspot.

Now, U.S.-owned Cargill is cutting production at one ...

Perfect breakfast burrito in 8 simple steps

Wow. Breakfast burritos are WAY better when working and cooking from home.

Now I am hungry.

So THIS is how you make a perfect breakfast burrito.

The technique is not something that ever would have occurred to me, but now it seems so obvious. This looks so much more delicious than anything I've ever grabbed from a ...

The secret of Triscuits revealed

Triscuits. In this staple of American snacking life, what does the "Tri" stand for? One assumes, perhaps, that it refers to there being three layers, ingredients or some other triple quality of the snack itself. Sage Boggs emailed Nabisco, and amazingly Nabisco itself no longer remembers — it acquired Triscuit's manufacturer in 1928 and ...