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How to deal with getting fired

Brilliant culture critic Rob Walker, author of the forthcoming book The Art of Noticing, just launched a new column at Lifehacker about "navigating the modern workplace," a continuation in some ways of his long-running New York Times column "The Workologist." Naturally, Rob's first column in the new series is about getting fired:

...What I’m suggesting ...

Security guard loses his job after going viral for farting at work

08.23.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

Paul Flart's infamous farts cost him his job.  The flatulent security guard went viral for filming himself farting at work for the past six months. He dutifully recorded his ***** on Instagram, and then blew up on Reddit on Tuesday when someone ... ...

How To Get A Survival Job Today

06.10.2009 · Posted in Career Articles

The TV News reporters tell us daily of how many of our fellow workers are being Let-Go just like in the 1930's. Well Let-Go is a nice term, but we all know it could mean living in a tent for months. Just a few short years ago the world economy was booming, but we sure ...