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Pairing guide: ‘Pop-tarts and Fine Whiskeys’

You never knew you needed it. Now you have it.

Pop-tarts and Fine Whiskeys, a Pairing Guide,” by IMGURian @acetech09. Yes, it includes rums and sake and other liquors.

Pop-****: Cookies & Creme Spirit*: Zacapa XO, Guatemala ***

The creamy, chocolately, and surprisingly tasty richness of this pasty is quite satisfying. Zacapa XO is an equally decadent ...

Fine Dining with Children – What You Need To Know

09.14.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Dining at a luxury restaurant is a wonderful way to relax and have great wine and food. Many parents have concerns about taking their children to a fine dining restaurant. Below are a number of tips to help make your fine dining experience with children pleasurable and not embarrassing. ...

Top 10 Cocktail Party Ideas

07.07.2009 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

The cocktail party can be held as a business function, or for family and friends. They were traditionally the before part of a dinner party where guests would gather in a room and drink themselves silly. It has now evolved to become a party theme in its own right. ...

Chicago’s Pump Room Restaurant Jumping Once Again

06.03.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Long a hangout of A-list celebrities, the Pump Room Restaurant in Chicago is still 'hopping' in the 21st century. The restaurant, memorialized in Frank Sinatra's classic "Chicago", was one of the first high level restaurants to open in Chicago after the Prohibition era. The eatery has seen countless celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Clark ...

A Spoon By Any Other Name

03.06.2009 · Posted in Shopping and Fashion

The lowly spoon offers us little by way of poetry. It is a useful, practical, and utterly primitive utensil. What prompted this exploration of this most humble device? Boredom, and the desire to delve into the depths of obscurity can make a person do strange things. Even the lowliest amongst us ...

Dinnerware: Ready, Set, Eat

10.14.2008 · Posted in Food and Beverage Articles

Plates. Everybody needs them, and everybody needs to eat off of them. But did you ever question just where the plate came from, and how it came to be? These days, plates are usually made from ceramic such as stoneware. Of course, there are also unbreakable versions, specially useful for those that have children, for ...

Eating Out While In Tampa

06.05.2008 · Posted in Food and Beverage Articles

There are a lot of reasons why Tampa is the place to be. Sure, it's Florida's largest city, one of its largest ports and one of the most industrious. But apart from that what else does it have to offer? ...