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Curing Mortgage Default Through Bankruptcy to Avoid Foreclosure

10.02.2009 · Posted in Mortgage Articles

The Bankruptcy Code gives homeowners facing foreclosure the right to cure the default any time up until the foreclosure sale process is completed. The key word here is "process," and state law determines what the process is for a valid auction or sheriff sale. ...

Building Your Your Credit After Bankruptcy

08.10.2009 · Posted in Mortgage Articles

If you have chosen bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 to ease your financial stresses, then you may be looking for ways to rebuild your credit score back up. ...

How To Avoid Bankruptcy – Helpful Tips To Consider For Debt Relief

02.16.2006 · Posted in It Articles

For those people having a large amount of debt but an insufficient income on hand, bankruptcy would become their last resort. On the other hand, in many other cases, there are several ways to emerge from the pits of financial ruin without having to consider getting a bankruptcy case filed. ...