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Mysterious “demonic sounds” heard inside McDonald’s

In Pueblo, Colorado at 3:330am Friday morning, terrified McDonald's employees called police after hearing "'demonic sounds' from a screaming woman" inside the restaurant.

According to Pueblo Police captain Tom Rummel, the employees also reported sounds of a "strange language and barking."

"They were so unnerved by the sounds that they said they wouldn’t be going ...

Wendy’s fires staff after sink used as bathtub

Staff at a Wendy's in Greenville, Michigan, are out of a job after video of someone taking a bath in the kitchen sink there went viral.

A 23-second video shared on Facebook, originally posted to the TikTok social media platform, shows a young man partially submerged in a ware-washing industrial sink system — normally ...

Chipotle CEO: If employees call in sick, a nurse might make sure they’re not faking it

According to Chipotle Mexican Grill CEO Brian Niccol, when their restaurant workers call in sick, they might have to talk to a nurse to make sure they're not fibbing.

"We have nurses on call, so that if you say, 'Hey, I've been sick,' you get the call into the nurse," CEO Brian Niccol said last week. ...

KFC sells an artificial fire log that smells like greasy fried chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken teamed up with Enviro-Log to bring back the 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog that apparently sold out in just a few hours last year. On its site, JFC uses big bold type to make **** sure buyers understand that this log is "NOT ACTUALLY FRIED CHICKEN." The 11 Herbs & Spices ...

Glovo is opening a tech hub in Poland after gobbling a local food delivery rival

Barcelona-based on-demand delivery startup Glovo is beefing up its engineering capacity by opening a second tech hub, its first in Poland — with an initial plan to hire 40 additional engineers and have a total of 50 tech and product experts working predominantly out of its Warsaw office. Glovo says it expects the Polish engineering ...

Jack in the Box employee fired for mocking deaf customer

ReVae Arnaud-Jensen is deaf. She went to the drive through at a California Jack in the Box to order food, but when she got to the window to order (she reads lips), the employee screamed at her and mocked her.

From WTAP:

Arnaud-Jensen says she spoke to the store manager and was told the employee ...

McDonald’s employee burned by customer’s “smoldering” dollar bill

In Hackettstown, New Jersey, a McDonald's drive-through customer reportedly paid with a "smoldering" dollar bill that burned the employee's hand. From

After taking the money, the employee realized the dollar was still smoldering and she was burned on the palm of her left hand, police said. The employee refused medical treatment.

Police are investigating the ...

Chance the Rapper does the impossible and brings back Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets

05.06.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

It pains us to thank a brand for anything, so we will instead thank Chance the Rapper, whose tweet about Wendy's beloved Spicy Chicken Nuggets has (probably) led to their return to the menu. On Saturday, Chance included the nuggets in a "positive aff... ...

Burger King launches line of ‘Unhappy Meals’ in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

05.03.2019 · Posted in Advertising Articles, Technology Articles

Burger King has launched their "Real Meal" campaign. The campaign is in partnership with Mental Health America (MHA) and aims to let customers know it is “OK to not be OK.” Read more...More about Advertising, Food, Mashable Video, Campaign... ...