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A month after the statutory restoration of expat Canadians’ voting rights, Supreme Court says taking those rights away was illegal

In 2015, Stephen Harper's Tory government began enforcing a 1993 law that stripped expatriate citizens like me of our right to vote in Canada; last month, Justin Trudeau's Liberal government restored our voting rights.

But it turns out that the Liberals' action was largely symbolic: yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada broke with precedent and eroded ...

Expats in Bali: Exploring This Inviting Island in Indonesia

03.26.2009 · Posted in Society Articles

One of the most inviting islands in Indonesia is Bali. For those who want to become one of the expats in Bali, they need to consider several factors like real estate, tax system, and government before making final decisions. In addition, it is also necessary that they assess the cost of living in this place. ...