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RIP Sy Sperling, founder of Hair Club for Men

"I'm not only the Hair Club president but I'm also a client." If those words ring a bell, then join me in celebrating a man brought much happiness to others. I'm talking about Sy Sperling, founder of Hair Club for Men, who rose to fame when he starred in his own television commercials. In addition ...

Trade Secrets Claimed by Prolacta to Steal Founders’ Company – Again

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Elana Medo has dedicated many decades of her life to making mother’s milk available to premature babies. Now a questionable trade secret lawsuit threatens to destroy her life’s work and leave preterm infants without access to life-saving milk. The cost of a Corporation Stealing from an individual has been the ...

4 Unique Growth Tactics for 2020

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Marketing tactics change constantly. Each year new tactics become more impactful, and old ones fade into obscurity. Sticking to the same tactics is stale for your current customers and potential customers, too. Instead of just running the same growth tactics for years on end, it’s time to make a switch in 2020. Here ...

How Founders and CEOs Can Raise Early Checks (With Pavel Cherkashin)

01.05.2020 · Posted in Computer Articles, Technology Articles

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I’m excited to speak with Pavel Cherkashin in today’s episode of the How To CEO podcast!. Pavel is a co-founder and managing partner at Mindrock Capital. Pavel is also a managing partner at GVA Capital. I spoke with him about what founders and CEOs need to know about raising ...

Want to start your own business? These entrepreneurs will teach you how for less than $20.

02.10.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

The term entrepreneur tends to evoke images of a tech bro who spends way too much time on LinkedIn, where he brags about being "CEO at Self-Employed" and writes quasi-philosophical posts about the #hustle. (See the Twitter account @StateofLinkedIn fo... ...

7 Essential Business Strategies to Ensure Growth

01.18.2012 · Posted in Finance Articles

Do you have a plan to elevate your spa's business success? Discover seven proven effective strategies to ensure sustainable growth. ...