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Who is Kang Ye-Bin? Things you need to know about her.

02.19.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Kang Ye-Bin is a South Korean model and entertainer who is notable for her job as a columnist in a film, “Pitch High”(2011) and as Myo-ryeong in “Affection Conquest”(2020). Ye-receptacle is a perseveringly delightful woman at present in her late 30s, who had an exceptionally long provocative picture on the public which never annoyed her ...

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David Blaine floated high in the sky with giant balloons

To be able to perform the feat of "floating into the sky with a cluster of balloons," David Blaine had to first gather a team of experts, jump out of a plane 500 times (to get a pro skydiver rating), earn a hot air balloon pilot's certificate, and earn another one that gives him the ...

My puppy upon waking up this morning

Before returning to her mom's home for a few weeks, my daughter taught Electra to sleep in her bed...while I was asleap in mine.

In an effort to maintain the housebreaking while acknowledging and encouraging my daughter's canine liberation efforts and subterfuge, I will be sleeping with the puppy in her room until it can ...