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Tiny chihuahua looks more like a porcupine after a run-in with static electricity

01.16.2021 · Posted in Technology Articles

What a week, huh? It doesn't particularly matter which week you're watching this, even — I'm sure it was a week. Thankfully, we have hilarious pet videos to distract from everything else going on in the world. Like this one, featuring a tin... ...

Major Biden’s virtual ‘Indoguration Party’ will support his former shelter

01.07.2021 · Posted in Technology Articles

Major Biden, President-elect Joe Biden's German shepherd, warmed every beating heart when he became the first presidential pooch to be adopted from a shelter. Sob! That means inauguration day is as big a deal for Major as it is for his owners, Joe an... ...

Workers climb a building to rescue brave dog holding on to life from 3-story window (VIDEO)

The dog is fine! "This brave furbaby was hanging for almost 20 minutes. He kept holding on to the wall so he didn't get strangled. He had been alone in the apartment. Maybe he was afraid and missed his furparents, that's why he tried to jump ... ...