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Puppy, 4 weeks old, makes cutest sound in the world

The sound this tiny little 4-week-old “pound puppy” makes when he's smacking his toof-less gums around that soaked kibble? It gives me all the squees in the world. Look at that little dude just go.

That chubby little belly!

Those crusty li'l paws!


Little Mowgli is 4 weeks old, can smack on some soaked kibble, ...

Please enjoy a nice song featuring the world’s sleepiest chihuahua

08.16.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

YouTuber Malinda Herman has a channel full of delightful song covers, many of which she sings to her two adoring dogs and extremely vocal cat. But the best one of all is perhaps her take on Lobo's "I'd Love You to Want Me," which is peppered with... ...

Cute Husky puppy shows off hunting prowess

“I was scrolling through old videos of my pup Copper, who is no longer in my possession,” says the human who captured this adorable video footage of a cute Husky pup demonstrating their hunting prowess.

“I raised him to about 1.5 years old and had to give him up due to a break up.”


“Been through ...